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Apartment Reviews for The Atrii Apartments in Denver

4.7 | 106 Reviews

5100 Leetsdale Drive, Denver, CO, 80246
(303) 321-3990

See what other people are saying about our apartments located in Denver! At The Atrii Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know! We appreciate the feedback, good or bad.

Kalen Tweden

I've just moved in and so far the staff have been quite friendly the people that live here seem to be very Community spirited and I've had no issues in my first month
Lupe Iturbe

I love this place! Jocelyn is the best leasing agent I've ever had to deal with. She is always there and always willing to help me out. She always has a smile on her face and makes my day.
Shane Rogers

Esmeralda was the best manager they??ve had since I lived here. She??s always been nice about everything and helpful. I goofed with leaving my wifi box at the apartment after I left on my move out day and she sent it off for me so I didn??t have to figure it out another way or pay for not returning it. That was awesome of her so I really appreciated it. It??s rough finding an apartment with nice people running them in Denver but that was not the case here!
Gisell Hernandez

Great property to move into!! The office manager Esmeralda is great! She's really helpful and is always there to address any concerns u might have. She??s always going above and beyond for the residents she even does fun giveaways for the holidays! I love how she's on top of everything The whole crew is.
Ayush Dev

Atrii apartments are in one of the best locations in Denver. Leasing office manager Esmeralda is great at addressing your concerns and always helpful. Maintenance work orders are fixed fast. If you not nit pick on things then Atrii Apartments won't be a disappointed.
adnan Kayaalp

Me and my dad Adnan have been at Atrii for little less than 2 months now. Esmeralda absolutely made our renting process smooth. She really cares about providing an excellent customer service. Also, we order maintanence and respond time was very quick. We enjoy living here so far.I do recommend this place for family and friends. Apartment complex management should recognize her hard work. Thank you Esmeralda!
Luis hernandes

Wow the maintenance team is very quick and responsive. Eric is amazing!!!

(Translated by Google) I have been living in this property for two years and the truth is that the best management it has ever had is Esmeralda Torres, excellent service, concerned about everything, friendly and helpful! (Original) Llevo dos años viviendo en esta propiedad y la verdad que la mejor gerencia que ha tenido es Esmeralda Torres un excelente servicio, preocupada por todo, amigable y servicial!

This is my honest review: I??m leaving 5 stars because of the improvement management has made over the last year. We finally have a steady office staff being led by a great manager, Esmeralda. This staff is so much better at communication. They answer the phones and return emails promptly, great at following up with promises, and maintenance is completing work orders in a timely fashion. Keep up the great work!
Sara Courter

While I was looking for apartments in Denver, Esmerelda and Angel were incredibly helpful with answering my questions and helping me find a 1 bed 1 bath at this location. They replied to me in a timely manner, answered all of my questions, and even sent me pictures of the apartment I would be renting (it's a great location and the apartment was updated so it was really nice). Unfortunately, my situation changed and I did not move to this location. I still wanted to write a review expressing how awesome these two were. I would recommend this location just because of their awesome service to me.
Tracy Ann

New ownership is doing an amazing job! Several positive changes.
Nuwan Dissanayake

Great apartments.. great service by the staff.. highly recommend.
Cherry Ridge

I just stopped by the Atrii Apartments and talked to Esmerelda about renting an apartment. She was absolutely wonderful. She showed me around the property and answered a hundred (it seems like) questions. She never once hurried me and she answered every question I had. I'm still looking for a new place and I'l definitely keep the Atrii Apartments high on my list. Thanks Esmerelda
Jeffrey Naviaux

Listen y'all...I have had some amazing Property Managers in the past, but I have to say something about LaRonda... This amazing woman not only will do anything she can to work with a tight timeline, but will also move mountains to make the seemingly impossible into a certainty. I was starting to look for an apartment after being at my current one since the beginning of the pandemic and thought it was time to upgrade to a bigger space. I found The Atrii Apartments and was not overwhelmed at first, but the service provided to me along with the ease of coordinating my pending move made all the difference (not to mention that it is a block from my office (DOUBLE SCORE))! I know that this place has gotten a bad wrap in the past, but things seem to be looking up with upgrades and updates all over the place. Give The Atrii Apartments a second look, you won't be disappointed.
Jeffrey Naviaux

Listen y'all...I have had some amazing Property Managers in the past, but I have to say something about LaRonda... This amazing woman not only will do anything she can to work with a tight timeline, but will also move mountains to make the seemingly impossible into a certainty. I was starting to look for an apartment after being at my current one since the beginning of the pandemic and thought it was time to upgrade to a bigger space. I found The Atrii Apartments and was not overwhelmed at first, but the service provided to me along with the ease of coordinating my pending move made all the difference (not to mention that it is a block from my office (DOUBLE SCORE))! I know that this place has gotten a bad wrap in the past, but things seem to be looking up with upgrades and updates all over the place. Give The Atrii Apartments a second look, you won't be disappointed.
Brittany Anderson

I had an amazing experience at the Atrii the staff was welcoming and made me feel like I was home! Community is clean and the apartments are very nice !
Trevon Watts

Amazing staff very friendly and welcoming ! Apartments are nice for the price and the complex was clean .
Chelsey Taylor

I love the new management here, they're very polite and understanding always has a good attitude they pick up the phone when you need something they make sure that they get your maintenance request done they take really good care of you here I appreciate everything that they have done for me and my family. They really are trying to get this place better.
John Jackson

Amazing staff very friendly and professional! Affordable apartments and well kept property I would definitely recommend!
Kacy K Cooke

Think I'm going to really enjoy this lovely community
bakedchef 840

I highly recommend going and giving this apartment complex a look for yourself. They new ownership has many great plans on improving the property. What I can say is they??ve been responsive, understanding, and very helpful a complete 180 from the other complex I tried to rent from couldn??t work me in their plans. I hope this is the diamond in the rough it??s seems to be!
Filmon Tekle

Laronda and Dyllian are literally the best duo you'll find! They went out of their way to make sure I found the best option available. They are quick to answer their office phone, maintenance is amazing, and they will respond so quickly to any question you have. Honestly they are angels and Atrii is lucky to have them!!

LaRonda is amazing! She stepped in and help my get my assistance back on track after fighting for three months with the old management, She is the change the Atrii needed to see! She is always friendly and willing to help! Extremely pleased with the level of service She has provided
Briana Armstrong

New management is amazing!

Verified Resident

Other then the typical issues left behind by the previous management I have faith the new management company can bring new life to this place. So far they have been very nice and accommodating during the transition of ownership.
Kaniesha Ross

Amazing staff everyone is pleasant and professional definitely looking forward to moving in
Tamela Karichu

Excellent staff doing a really good job at the atrii glad I told my friend to rent here way to go LaRonda.
AlyD T

LaRonda and Freddy are such an awesome team to work with. They seem to really want to make a positive change in the community. They do everything they can to help when concerns arise. They want everyone to know who they are so that they can assist. They are definitely a welcome change!
Karlito Simon

New management here is cool. LaRonda is really professional and very helpful.
Chance Odekirk

Overall it was a decent place to stay, the old management needed some major help. Aries, kept that place running and did a great job. The apts were just sold to a new company. I had the opportunity to work with LaRonda she was awesome and helped with my all my questions and left me feeling like the new owners will really take this place to where it needs to be. So you should see major improvements!
Cynthia Guy

It was great, he knew exactly what to do
Jeanette Attile

The maintenance staff are awesome they work hard and get things done fast. Put a maintenance request in two days ago and almost everything was done. They are friendly and nice and very accommodating.
Sam Plur

Awesome staff awesome apartments awesome location we couldn't be more happier!
Mehr Cheleh

Clean place and quite. I feel home here . access point to every corner of Denver.
Adam Massini

Easy and convenient move in!
Tracy Johnson Johnson

The maintenance man was very knowledgeable he did a great job.I really like Julia and Aries they are allways willing to help.Thanks.
Lovinme Somegolf

I see a lot of apartment communities with my work. Ashley and her staff at the Atrii are truly concerned about the comfort and well being of their tenants. Maintenance staff is top notch too. Great people over there. Highly recommend!!
Corey Brown

I have lived here almost 3 years. My stay has been a positive one they are very good with reasonable accommodation requests. They work hard on keeping an issues and inconveniences to a minimum.
Carly M

I had a great experience moving in here-- Aries in the front office was extremely helpful and professional throughout my move-in experience. Reasonable rent, and lots of apartment space! The building is older, but I am in a recently remodeled unit and I think they did a great job updating everything.
Horace Blaney

Thank you for your great service for so many years. You really helped this old man stay independent for a long time.
Alexis Mikulich

Currently my expectations are being met and then some. Prior to our moving day, Aries and the whole team at The Atrii made sure we were good to go and had everything we needed from virtual tours, photos, phone calls and paperwork. On moving day, we made an 8 hour drive so once we arrived we were ready to unload and start making some progress. Honestly, it was the smoothest move in experience of my entire life so far and during a pandemic no less. We made our payment online about an hour before our arrival and once we were there, we checked our email, had the code to get in, found our apartment and had everything we needed waiting for us. It was absolutely remarkable and completely exceeded my expectations. Also this neighborhood is amazing with SO many things to do around us. We??ve only been here a couple of days, but so far I??m so happy we choose The Atrii to be our home!
Len Bankes

Ashley, I want to Thank You and Aries for how quickly you had my Bathroom Tub and Sink faucet and bathroom water leak fixed. No one could have done better. YOU GUYS ROCK! Gratefully, Len Bankes #114
Blake Willcutt

I have had such a wonderful experience living at the Atrii Apartments! The staff at the Atrii are so helpful Aries goes above and beyond. The community offers exceptional amenities and the staff helps ASAP when a problem occurs. I??d definitely recommend these apartments to anyone looking for somewhere affordable and comfortable in the area!
Christopher Berstler

We lived here for over 2 years. It was definitely one of the best places I've rented in Denver so far! The staff was always fast, helpful, friendly and professional. The maintenance team was excellent; always had things fixed professionally the first time. I would recommend the Atrii because the staff are always implementing improvements to the community and actively making sure it's a comfortable and great place to live. If I had to nit-pick, the only thing that bothered us was that the other residents just couldn't wrap their heads around how to properly use the dumpsters. There was always trash surrounding, but not put into the dumpsters. It was absolutely disgusting and the poor maintenance team had to pick up after them. We definitely enjoyed our time here and would have stayed longer if I didn't have to move for work. Thank you!
Andrew Singleton

Mostly responsive staff, peaceful and inexpensive.
dustin wilkins

Awesome office staff diligent maintenance techs, friendly neighbors, nice fairly newly updated units.... over all a great community!!
Johanna Marin

5 stars for sure. I have had such a wonderful experience. The staff at the Atrii are so helpful Aries is amazing and Ashley is super sweet. The community offers great amenities, and is very family oriented. I was approved at another apartment and chose the Atrii because the response from the staff was awesome. No attitudes, they follow up, happy to answer questions and they're on point. My family and I are glad we made the right decision choosing the Atrii.
laura mondragon

Excellent and professional management,quick response from maintenance ,love keeping the areas clean ,always feel welcome in the main office ,to be my first place to live by myself and my daughter I think I made a perfect choice.
Karin Hart

I??ve enjoyed my experience living at the Atrii! I??ve lived here two separate times over the last 6 years. It??s not the most updated apartment complex, but it gets the job done for a place to live with on-site laundry, pool, gym, and community room.
Yvette Rizzuto

I have to say that I had the best experience when I came here. The unit is amazing, very spacious and and bright. There is a bunch of amenities, and places to relax like the fire pit and the pool. Not to mention the staff was awesome. Ashley and Aries are two of the best professional leasing agents I have met so far in my journey. I can't wait to move in.
Danielle Taylor

My small family and I just moved to Denver from W. KY. The staff at the Atrii were prompt to set up a viewing and get the ball rolling. Not only are the amenities great, we feel safe and welcome. Mr. Aries Soto went above and beyond to make sure we were well taken care of and found exactly what we were looking for! This is a very diverse community and we are so happy to call it home.
Matthew Blood-Smyth

I lived here for 5 years and it got better. time went on. They built a new outdoor fireplace, installed misters around the pool, upgradedthe courtyard and exterior and common areas, laundry etc. It seemed like they were always fixing something and I mean that in a good way. Kellie and Ashley took over the office done time ago and I really appreciated how responsive they always were. Any time I need anything, they were on top of it. Kinda wish I never left, but had to move out of state for some work things.
Christopher Dotson

Excellent place to live, great family environment along with amazing amenities. Can't say enough about how well the staff deal with issues and trouble calls.
Robert Church

Kellie and Ashley are the bestest. I enjoyed my stay at the Atrii very much. Some of the tenants were not the best but the staff is superior. I will miss them very much and they have a great community. Kind regards, Robert Church P.S. Also I had the best apartment in #301
Ethel Freed

I believe I am the oldest person here and I like seeing all different ages here. This community is diverse and I feel very welcomed here. I??m the little old lady that many call ??Grandma?. The neighborhood is pleasant and the neighbors look out for me. The leasing agents are wonderful and always offer me something to drink when I come to visit. I especially enjoy the newsletters with community information.
Chris Fadness

I've lived here for 20 years and I am very happy with management. The grounds are extremely well kept and beautiful. I enjoy the vinyl flooring!
Ben Kiyotake

Management is helpful and attentive, and maintenance is timely. Very dog-friendly as well!
Amber Maynes

Has been great since we moved in last summer
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This is very good I like
Vanessa Farrera

Lived here about 3 years now. Brandi, the leasing office manager is amazing! With an older Building like this nothing is going to be perfect, but Brandi was always able to resolve my issues quickly and was always very friendly. Never had an issue with maintenance. The hand full of issues I did have, were always resolved right away. Very pet friendly. Had two odd issues with other tennants but that was also taken care of by Brandi almost immediately and in an extremely professional manner. Other than that, all the neighbors get along really well. I am only leaving because I want my own washer and dryer and a place with more natural light/a patio. I am really going to miss the great staff, which I feel is nearly impossible to find these days. I really wanted to move to one of their other properties, but can't find one that has what I need, in the area that I want, which I am real bummed about. It's a great little community!